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I would like to ask your opinion about baby dedication.

In our church there's a baby dedication practice. In this event the parents confess that they will raise their child(ren) faithfully according to the teaching of the Bible. The congregation also confesses that they will support the parents in doing this. Finally the pastor prays for the child(ren).
The event is justified by saying that the Bible has several such cases, for instance the case of Hannah (1 Samuel 1) or the presentaion of the child Jesus in the temple (Luke 2).

My problems about this:
- in my opinion, the above mentioned references of the Bible have quite different meaning, they cannot really support this practice
- I am not aware of any other example in the Bible which would support this practice
- in my opinion, the parents are born again believers and they should raise their child according to the teaching of the Bible as default without any additional confession

I have the impression (assumption), that the origin of this practice is somehow related to the baptism of babies. Those protestant churches, which do not agree on the baptism of babies, may have found out this practice to offer something to the parents and satisfy actually the parents needs.

How do you see this, what's your opinion about it?

Are you aware of any more biblical child dedication practice? Is there any real biblical support for the this kind of practices?


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Child Dedication Church Event