Bible promises

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Can you tell me please why does God's word promise so much and yet fulfills so very little to nothing in the lives of many devout Christians, in terms of, for example: long life, health, peace, joy and happiness, etc? Instead, I've seen many atheists who live very healthy, prosperous and happy lives and they obviously don't believe in keeping God's commandments.

That is one of our tests.

Tests of Faith: difficult demands (Gen. 12:1, 2), severe trials (Job 1:6-22), prosperity of the wicked (Ps. 73:1-28), hardships (2 Cor. 11:21-33). Thomas Nelson Publishers. (1996). Nelson's quick reference topical Bible index (p. 612). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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How much longer, happy, contented, peaceful, and so on life can one have than an eternal life in the presence of our Savior?

:thumb: Heb 11:1


Bible promises