Adultery As Defined By The Bible

Truth7t7 View Post The bible clearly teaches that to be married to another person while the lawful spouse lives is adultery...

Right. When Jesus met the woman at the well, he did not let her get by claiming that the man she was shaking up with was her husband. She was a serial adulteress. The concubus she lived with was not her husband. Rom. 7:2, 3, Jn 4:18 She was a sinner in need of savior.

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Defending oneself when having done wrong is never valid scripturally or rationally.

Right. We do not continue to sin so that grace can abound (Ro 6:1).

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...[T]he only way to turn from this sin is to divorce/repent those sitting in the pews aren't hearing this truth...

If you are married to another but your spouse is still alive then you are not legally married.  John the Baptist got his head chopped off for saying this (Mark 6:17, 18, Matt. 14:3-12). The marriage covenant :straight:is dissolved by death (Rom. 7:2, 3).

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No one was to divide a married couple through divorce (including themselves), because doing so would require a complete and literal tearing apart of what God has joined together as one flesh “until death.”

And yet judges in the family wrecking ball court system do this daily (Mt 18:6). :reals: They've got drive thru service at this point. There is no fear of God in our land. There will be. It will be a good day when these judges meet the judge of the whole earth (Jer. 51:56, Re 20:11). :burnlib:

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...[T]he Bible gives place for divorce...

For close kin. :dizzy:

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

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Every single one of you have taken one or to comments about divorce and treated it/them as if they are all encompassing.

Who cares what I say? :idunno: What has Jesus said? :Poly: If you thought you had a Mosaic out, you were wrong. :dizzy: It's a mute point because Jesus elevated marriage back to where it was supposed to be in case you still had any doubts (Mt 19:8). :straight: It's pretty simple. Love your God. Love your neighbor (Mk 12:30-31)--most especially your wife (Eph. 5:25–33). This is what we call in the Greek--a no brainer. :Plain:

You're not doing this? Be prepared to tell him why (1 Pe 4:5, Re 20:11). :burnlib:

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…[S]ince God's Law never contradicts…

God's originate intent for marriage still stood. :straight: Jesus made that abundantly clear for the short bus riders. You’ll honor marriage or you won’t (Heb 13:4). :idunno:

…[A]nyone taking a law-based approach to marriage/divorce/adultery must consult and understand the whole law…

God’s law (Gen. 2:18–24). :Poly: That is for man to figure out. Frist, he’d have to give a damn (Jer. 16:2, Heb 13:4).  

…[N]o one here has fully or accurately represented all that is said about marriage divorce/adultery from the Garden to Corinth…

The Corinthians had many questions about marriage. They had become believers and some of their spouses were pagans. Paul spoke about this.  

…[T]hey have not accurately portrayed either the whole law and they have not dealt with it in its letter or its principles.

Something about love your wife (Eph. 5:25–33) and the marriage covenant is in effect until death (Rom. 7:2, 3) that you don’t get or don’t want to get? Heb 13:4 

No one has applied the behaviors to the spiritual or vice versa.

God gave marriage for the pagan, as well (Gen. 2:18–24). 

…[M]arriage as a redemptive relationship or institution…

If your spouse becomes a believer, you may or may not become a believer. Paul addressed this. If you commit adultery, it is unlikely that you'll live (Prov. 2:16–19). :burnlib:

“There’s always hope. There’s just no chance.” ~ Dennis Prager

Not a single one of you has a theology of marriage that has any redemption for the divorced spouse.

Any sin can be forgiven except the sin of rejecting the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:32). 

…[L]og in their own eye…

Your love should be without hypocrisy (Ro 12:9). 


 Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name    

You've made this discussion about me…You stopped loving me the moment you tried to make it personal.

:yawn: Proof please (Eph 4:14). :peach:

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...[D]o you folks then assume that David is lost to eternal damnation…

Did David repent? :juggle: Ps 32, 51

Any sin can be forgiven except for the sin of continually rejecting the Holy Spirit (Ge 6:3).

…[W]ho married Adam and Eve?

God (Gen. 2:18–24).:straight:

At what point is salvation granted? When do we become Christ's sheep?  Who saved us?

If you are saved, the Holy Spirit indwells you (Jn 15:26).

Are you willing to say He is incapable of finishing what He started?

If he started a good work in you, he will finish it (Phil 1:6). If you stab him in the back, you were never his (1 Jn 2:19, Heb 10:26-27).

Or did He make a mistake? How many sins are we forgiven of? How many unforgivable sins are specified by scripture?

Are you sinning so grace can abound? Ro 6:1 Make your calling and election sure (2 Pe 1:10).

Who among you claims to be sinless?

1 Jn 1:10 

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[If you are saved, the Holy Spirit indwells you (Jn 15:26)] [W]ho among us makes that determination?

Only God knows your heart. We are fruit inspectors (Mt 7:20). :sherlock:

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[1 Jn 1:10] Some of us understand that. It appears some of us evidently don't understand that.

They’ll be humbled (Lk 14:11). Phil 3:12


Adultery As Defined By The Bible