A Sodomite: Hoping You'll Understand

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…I'm from the US I struggle with same sex attraction but have recently learned after all these years God does not hate me and indeed just wants me to control my feelings.

Homosexuality is a judgment from God.

Homosexuality is: forbidden (Lev. 18:22), considered an abomination (1 Kin. 14:24), punishment for (Lev. 20:13), unclean (Rom. 1:24, 26, 27).

...For the most part, I have a heart of gold…

Jer 17:9

…[A]nd really just want to talk about how God accepts us all for who we are…

Re 21:27

…[A]nd makes us who he wants us the be.

Are you willing to allow him to clean you up? Ps 24:4
The wickedness of Sodom ([Ex 20:14] heterosexual [Lev. 20:10–12] or homosexual [Lev. 20:10,13]) was notorious (Gen. 13:13).

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Thank you, and after all this time of struggling with it I finally know for sure he loves me and all my imperfections.

Have you repented? :smokie: Mark 1:4



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...I pray he blesses you all for just accepting me with love and kindness.

Jeffrey Dahmer raped and ate little boys. He repented (Acts 11:18). Have you?

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...God knows what I've done...

He knows all. Pr 15:3

...[W]hether I've asked for forgiveness or not.

You have not begged the Lord to forgive you? God forgives one when he repents of sin (Acts 2:37, 38). You've asked the reader to understand. Understand what? That you've repented or that you've not repented? Do you agree with God about your sin? Godly sorrow leads to life. Worldly sorrow leads to death (2 Cor. 7:9, 10).

...[H]e also knows exactly what my triggers are which is why he's constantly testing me.

Do you mean Satan tempting you to sin?

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death (Jas 1:12–15).

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[Gossip (Prov. 10:18)] ...[S]he can say or do whatever she'd like ...God knows we're not perfect he just wants us to strive to be like him.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect (Mt 5:48). Neither you nor I are perfect. Difference is--I've repented and will live (Matt. 3:8).

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...I...need to try harder to live through his words...

"Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back 1 Jn 2:4

...[H]e loves me anyway...

God hates all workers of iniquity (Ps 5:5-6).

... I'm thankful he's helped us both see the light. And everyone else that has seen the light with us.

Does this light demand anything from you? Acts 2:37, 38, Gal. 1:6-12

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...[T]he truth should also be said, but in a way that helps rebuild instead of destroy.

That this is a rebellious people,
Lying children,
Children who will not hear the law of the Lord;
Who say to the seers, “Do not see,”
And to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us right things;
Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits.
Get out of the way,
Turn aside from the path,
Cause the Holy One of Israel
To cease from before us.”

Therefore thus says the Holy One of Israel:

“Because you despise this word,
And trust in oppression and perversity,
And rely on them,
Therefore this iniquity shall be to you
Like a breach ready to fall,
A bulge in a high wall,
Whose breaking comes suddenly, in an instant.
And He shall break it like the breaking of the potter’s vessel,
Which is broken in pieces;
He shall not spare. Is 30:9–14

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...[J]ust because I've asked for forgiveness...

And ceased from sinning? 1 Jn 3:9 Jeffrey Dahmer put his trust in the Lord, Have you?

...[D]oesn't mean I won't have to do the time even if he does forgive me.

A Christian knows he's forgiven. He loves the brethern (1 Jn 3:14).

...And now that I think about it I'm not that gentle either, especially when those who say they believe be in God and go to church more than I do...

One does not go to heaven or hell based on church attendance. One goes to heaven or hell based on a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

...act in ways that I feel at times just makes God weep or angry.

Am 5:15

...I just need to be more gentle about how I say things.

How you say things How you don't say things Acts 2:37, 38, 2 Co 2:11, Eph 4:14, Jud 4

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[Gossips about me] I'm not really sure how to report her or I definitely would.

It wouldn’t appear that you agree with God that your sexual sin is evil (Lev 18:22, 20:13, 1 Ki 14:24, Ro 1:24, 26, 27 ). One who had truly repented ofhis sin would not justify himself in his sin.

…God can see what's she's doing…

Loving my neighbor (Ac 20:20).

…I honestly do not care about her words.

Who cares about my words? Eph 4:14 What has God said? Jn 8:37

For if I never struggled with what I've struggled with…

The Holy Spirit indwells believers. He lives in those who have repented (Ps. 51:10–13).

...If he had nothing to help me overcome, there would be no story about him and how magnificent he is.

When will you start being an overcomer? Today? Tomorrow? The next day?
The wickedness of Sodom ([Ex 20:14] heterosexual [Lev. 20:10–12] or homosexual [Lev. 20:10,13]) was notorious (Gen. 13:13).

[Hoping You'll Understand]

Hoping you understand that our minds aren't so open to your lifestyle that our brains fall out. God has a way that leads to live and abundant living (Jn 10:10). Your way leads to death.

"II. THE COURT RECORD (1:18–32): Paul records the evidence presented at this trial.
A. The general charge (1:18–19): “God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who push the truth away from themselves. For the truth about God is known to them instinctively.”
B. The specific charges (1:20–32)
1. First indictment—inexcusable ignorance (1:20) : God has always revealed his existence and power to mankind.
2. Second indictment—ingratitude (1:21) : People are thankless, refusing to worship their Creator.
3. Third indictment—insolence (1:22) : Claiming themselves to be wise without God, they become fools instead.
4. Fourth indictment—idolatry (1:23) : They exchange God’s glory for idols resembling mere people, birds, animals, and snakes.
5. Fifth indictment—immorality (1:24–27): They are guilty of lesbianism and homosexuality.
6. Sixth indictment—incorrigibility (1:28–32)
a. They embrace their wicked deeds (1:28–31).
b. They endorse their wicked deeds (1:32) ." Willmington, H. L. (1999). The Outline Bible (Ro 1:17–32). Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

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I don't know I generally look at God's forgiveness as he is very forgiving.

…When you repent. We forgive others when they repent. God forgives men when they repent.

If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him (Lk 17:3, emphasis mine). When/if you are convicted of your sin, you can be saved (Acts 2:37, 38).


"Stop Me Before I Forgive Again!..." by Bob Enyart

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...I think it's crazy to assume that asking for forgiveness after committing murder means he'll forgive you and let you into heaven.

Jeffrey Dahmer repented. He will be in heaven.

…[H]e is very forgiving but don't we actually have to stop committing the sin, to find salvation at some point.

He didn't come to die for you sins because he had nothing better to do (Jud 4). He died to free you from your sin (Mt 1:21). If he’s not your Lord, he’s not your savior.

...[E]verytime I ask for forgiveness he forgives me and loves me…

You sin presumptuously (Ps. 19:13). Thought you said you struggle (Eph 4:14).

…I get to experience his love is more than enough for me, and because I am so imperfect regardless…

No you don’t (Is 48:22).

…[T]here is no telling what he'll say when I get to him.

The verdict is in. This is what we call in the Greek—a no brainer (Eph 4:14).

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil (Jn 3:19).

However my interpretations are mine...

Given to you by demons. They live so comfortably in you.

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["Stop Me Before I Forgive Again!..." by Bob Enyart] Anyone think this guy is worth quoting?

Enyart is a fine servant of the Lord (Eph 4:14).

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...[O]nce he shows us it is possible to live without whatever sin it is...

Which is it? Have you repented of (Acts 8:22) turned from (Acts 9:35) your sin?

You stated:

PerfectlyImperfect quote: …[H]e is very forgiving but don't we actually have to stop committing the sin, to find salvation at some point.

What point was that? Was there a point when you were converted? Acts 15:3

...[W]e asked for forgiveness...

With or without repentance? Turning from sin and toward God (1 Sam. 7:3).

...[T]here will always be a new sin to fix, because we're imperfect...

Which is it? Are you and overcomer or are you not an overcomer?

You stated:

PerfectlyImperfect quote: "...If he had nothing to help me overcome..."

Are you presently living as an overcomer as the Holy Spirit enables us to live? Or, are you living habitually in sin? 1 Jn 3:9 

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Enyart pickets the homes of doctors performing abortions...

Are you a pro-abort? Pr 8:36

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[Are you a pro-abort? Pr 8:36 ] Do you think homosexuals should be put to death?


"Law without penalty is only advice." ~ Adrian Rogers


Theology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal Code by Bob Enyart

Are you a pro-abort? Pr 8:36

[Banned:banned:] "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." ~ Bob Enyart Mk 9:41, 13:7, 25:8, 40, Dan 10:13, Ps 105:15, Ro 14:4, Mk 6:11, Is 45:24, 54:17, Re 12:10, 12, Jud 1:9

A Sodomite:  Hoping You'll Understand