Debating Theology Online
Telling That Which is Profitable (Ac 20:20).

Christianity Paints the Product of Perfect Love as Stockholm Syndrome

Darwin’s Monkey Theory


Sacred Name Movement

Prophecy 2018—History and Prophecy on a Collision Course



If God is perfect...


Can The US Survive an EMP Attack?

Happy Yule



Roman Catholic Godparents



Does the blood of Christ really cover all our sins?


Local election


Catholics and Methodists Seek Unity


Does God hate us or love us?

Name it Claim it. Blab it Grab it.    

Protestants Favor Catholics Over Martin Luther  

Unreasonable Search and Seizure

Is this reality?  

Two Roman Roads - One Narrow, One Wide  

Satan owes the believer seven times what he has stolen

Question about the judgment

Protestant Salvation  

Catholics Continue to Exalt Mary Above Jesus

Why do human beings sin?

Does Divine Truth needs an interpreter?  

Obey authority   

Why Was the Reformation Necessary?  

Mormons Who Left the Cult to Follow Jesus 

The morality of Islam  

Beliefs of Non-Denominationalism  

Guarding the Gospel with Discernment

What's the Goal of the Roman Catholic Church?

New Creation 

How To Walk In The Spirit  

What does deity of Christ mean?   

Mystery Babylon The Great Is Jerusalem

It is absurd that Roman Catholics claim to be one flesh with Christ and need to eat Him   

What Does The Future Hold? Insights from the Hebrew prophets.

Only God decides who goes to hell  

How Can We Tell That The Old Man Is Dead With Christ In His Death?

Turn from sin

Does Romantic Love Exist?

Law keeping and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Guardian Angel from Hell

Knowing Christ

Should Judaism reclaim Jesus as one of its own?

Dispensationalism's Deception Rev 20:1-6 In A Literal Physical Kingdom On This Earth?

Where did the idea that only Jesus was perfect come from?

Do you see how this deceives many? 

How was God good before creation birthed evil?

As it was in the Days of Noah so shall it be just before the Return of Jesus 

Ever wonder why the name of Jesus causes such anger to the ungodly?

Dispensationalists and the Last Day 

Where are the boundaries/limits?

How does one really know that their interpretation of prophecy is right?

Adultery As Defined By The Bible? 

Is the Vatican that sits in Rome the Harlot of Revelation 17?

Identity vs. Behavior

Could it be that we are so looking for the rapture that we are missing the mercy of God?

Why is Christianity so focused on Sin?

When to look for the Lord's return 

President Donald Trump hosted prayer circle in the Oval Office on Monday

Some will know the timing of the 2nd Coming

The Head of the Church

All the Horns in the Book of Daniel Are Kings/Men 

Honoring your spouse

Is the Vatican that sits in Rome the Harlot of Revelation 17?

The Church is Israel

Can Fallen Angels Be Redeemed/Return To God?

Jesus had to go through Samaria (Jn 4:4)

Divine justice and suffering

Interview with serpentdove

God is like the wind

My non-existent God can beat up your non-existent God

God's voice

Threats of damnation "You're gonna go to hell."

The resurrection

Why do people pray to Jesus?

A Sodomite:  Hoping You'll Understand

Who is Pentecostal or Charismatic here?  

Questioning my beliefs  

I've been sexually immoral

Are you a son or a slave?

Wicked Presidents

Is polygamy ok to God?

Remember Lot's Wife

An Introduction to the Doctrines of Grace: Limited Atonement

Need advice for my marriage

To a Leftist, "Love" is Submission to the Ideology

Is it possible to love your spouse as much as God?

Gospel in one minute.  What would you say?

An Introduction to the Doctrines of Grace: Irresistible Grace

The language of prayer

Family in God's Eyes

Christian Fellowship with Proclaimed/Unrepentant Homosexuals or Adulterers

Anointed Artwork of President Trump?

Is it true that it's better to be sinned against than to sin against others?

Do you have an answer to this statement made by an atheist?

When God's children sin

US Immigration Begins Deporting Christians to Face Genocide

End times: you guys/gals are the experts maybe you can help

What Kind Of An Ambassador Are You?

The finished work of the cross?

Do I need to be re-baptized?

Who is this?

Has the gift of speaking in tongues ceased?

Has the moon changed?

Consequences of sinning


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"Being a square

keeps you from

going around in circles."

~ J. Vernon McGee

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Let us


(Isa 1:18)






























the terror

of the Lord,

we persuade


(2 Cor 5:11, KJV)


































































































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