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2024 Campaign

Francis Chan, Rick Warren And NAR Were Already Planning A Revival At Asbury University In Video Released 7 Days Before It All Started

Air Force

US Treasury





Founder Of the ‘God Made Millionaire’ Show TC Bradley Rejects A Gospel That Does Not Produce Large Sums Of Money For Its Followers

‘Grave Soaking’: A Blatantly Unbiblical, Spiritually Dangerous Trend Among Apostate Churches

United Methodist Church

United States Department of the Treasury



Universal Basic Income





Big Banking

Federal Prisons

John MacArthur:  Jesus Christ Did Not Pay For The Sins Of The Whole World

Evil McDonald's

National Guard


Beth Moore 


Kenneth Copeland   


Star Of Internet Series Hit ‘The Chosen’ Makes Pilgrimage To Rome To Pay


Obeisance To Pope Francis At Meeting Inside The Serpent Head Building


World Vision Training Course Says Native Americans Shouldn’t Have to Repent from Idolatry

‘Evangelical’ Lutheran Church Descends Into Complete Apostasy

The FTC criminalizes nutritional advice about vitamin D and zinc in latest ploy to protect market monopoly for unproven, dangerous vaccines

Hillsong Church Is A Snake Pit Of Open Demonic Activity As It’s Revealed Their NY Pastor Carl Lentz And Staffers Ran It Like The Playboy Mansion

New liberal Methodist denomination formed before possible UMC schism over Sodomite issues

World’s first Christian airline eyes 2021 launch; aims to transport missionaries worldwide

Lutherans Now Promoting Praying To ‘Mother God’ After Wiping Israel From NT

Watch False Teacher And End Times Heretic Heidi Baker Imparting Demons And Casting Spells At Bethel Church In Redding California

Jesus Film in Sign Language Will Reach 70 Million with Gospel

Son of 33rd Degree Mason Franklin Graham slams Christianity Today for invoking father's name in call for Trump's removal 

Space Force

Deceptive New Netflix Series ‘Messiah’ Heralds The Coming Of The Biblical Antichrist And Has Based The Main Character On Dajjal Of Islam

New Age

Modern worship movement is ‘utterly dangerous,’ causing ‘de-Christianizing of God’s people’

Inside Churchome: Justin Bieber's VIP and Sex Joke-Filled Celebrity Megachurch

Kanye West And His Sunday Service Will Be Performing This Weekend With Joel Osteen At His Lukewarm Laodicean Lakewood Church

Trump Spiritual Adviser Paula White Says The White House Is ‘Holy Ground’ Because She Stands On It 



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"Being a square

keeps you from

going around in circles."

~ J. Vernon McGee

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Let us


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the terror

of the Lord,

we persuade


(2 Cor 5:11, KJV)






































































































































































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