"Jesus Christ once left heaven for earth in humiliation, He'll be back in exaltation. He once left heaven to be killed, He will do it again to kill. He once left heaven to serve, He will do it again to be served. He once left heaven to offer grace, He will do it again to demand justice. He once left heaven to seek and to save, He will do it again to search and destroy.

The question always in this book is: are you ready? He is coming. John Phillips writes, "One of the most stirring passages in English history tells of the conquests and crusades of Richard I, Richard the Lionhearted. While Richard was away trouncing Saladin(?), his kingdom fell on bad times. His sly and graceless brother John usurped all the prerogatives of the king and misused the realm. The people of England suffered longing for the return of their king and praying that it might be very soon. Then one day Richard came. He landed in England and marched straight for his throne. Around that glittering coming many
tales are told woven into the legends of England, one of them is the story of Robin Hood. John's castles tumbled like nine pins, great Richard laid claim to his throne and none dare stand in his path. The people shouted their delight, they rang peel after peel on the bells, the lion was back and they cried, `Long live the king.'"

And one day a King far greater than Richard will lay claim to a realm far greater than England. And those who have abused the earth in His absence, and those who have seized His domains and mismanaged His world will all be swept aside. And only those who love Him and bow the knee to His sovereignty will participate in His Kingdom."  End quote.

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