"You don't demand your rights. You get into that kind of mentality and you will become an unstable person. The philosophical mindset of our day behind say the contemporary psychology that's infiltrated not only our country but the church, the philosophical mindset is primarily the mindset of existentialism. And existentialism basically says, bottom line, every man has a right to do whatever feels good. That's existentialism. By the way, existentialism is a reaction to humanism. Humanism made man a machine. Humanism says we're nothing but biological machines and we really don't have choice and we really don't have solutions to problems, we just function like an animal. And in a really a reaction to the humanistic, that's a materialistic humanism, materialism says man is a machine, in a reaction to materialistic humanism came existentialism which says I don't buy that, man, I've got dignity, I'm somebody. And so existentialism says you are somebody and you ought to feel good about who you are and you ought to do whatever feels good. And so we talk about human dignity as a reaction to materialistic humanism and we talk about the fact that man ought to be whatever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do and whatever feels good you ought to do it. And therefore what you get is massive self‑centered pride and ego. With everyone wanting to react to materialistic humanism philosophically, even if they don't see it as that, and be someone and be who they are and that's who I am and I have a right to what feels good to me, that's what existentialism says, that's the only value in existentialism is do what feels good. And the only rule is if what feels good to you hurts me, you can't do it. But if it doesn't hurt me, what's the difference? That's why you have homosexuals saying, "Why is homosexuality against the law? It doesn't hurt anybody." See, that's existentialism. That's philosophical existentialism. If it doesn't hurt anybody, what's the difference? If it feels good to me and doesn't hurt you, then forget it. Well AIDS has shot that argument down. It could end up destroying a whole generation of people. Sin always eventually hurts somebody else." 

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